Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Home Stretch

We are down to the last week. My wife will be induced on the 21st of this month if she does not go into labor sooner. Emotions are flying high right now for me. It’s like getting ready for a big game or a performance. I know I don’t really have a lot to do other than being a coach and being supportive, etc. But I am going to be a Dad. That is just crazy to me. I still feel like a kid (which will be good, and then my child and I will get along real well). The thought of being a dad thrills me and scares me. We never know exactly when we become a parent. Some people it surprises them and others although they plan it, you’re still not sure when though. Now that we are down the home stretch it becomes more real by the second. The funny thing is I can’t imagine her and how I will feel when she is born. I know it will be one of the greatest moments of my life. It’s just something people can describe to you and you can understand it, but I think this is something we all need to experience to truly understand love and cherish something so little and great. I look forward to holding my little girl and making her smile. I also look forward to the happiness it we bring to me and my wife as we start a family together. It will no longer be 2, it will now be 3.


  1. Love your blog Mike! What a great dad you will be! So happy for you guys, I can't wait!!

  2. You're totally right. It's an experience you can never prepare for until you go through it yourself. I hope everything goes well for you guys! You're both going to be amazing parents.